ContiTech MEGI®

MEGI® - variable applicable

MEGI® spring elements are suitable for many application areas.

Application areas of MEGI® buffers
  • general mechanical engineering
  • light engineering
  • printing press manufacture
  • pump manufacture
Application areas of MEGI® stop buffers
  • shock absorbers to limit the spring deflection in vehicles
  • used where machines, such as office machines are not anchored to the foundation or on sensitive floors
  • to absorb extremely high impact energy
Application areas of MEGI® bars

suitable for flexible bearing arrangements for heavy machines such as,

  • marine engines
  • large stationary engines
  • lathes
  • hoisting engines
  • jogging and vibrating machines
Application areas of MEGI® machine mounts

resilient support of:

  • machines/engines of all types
  • diesel assemblies
  • machine tools
  • eccentric presses
  • textile machines
  • wood processing machines
  • printing presses
  • sieves
  • rolling mills
  • pumps
  • ventilation equipment
  • washing machines
Application areas of MEGI® cones

oscillation damp, i.e. low vibration bearing arrangements for:

  • motors
  • body superstructures on chassis frames
  • compressor units on rail cars
  • piston engines
Application areas of MEGI® bearings

available in several different types:

  • pedestal bearings
  • flanged bearings
  • round bearings
  • box-type bearings
Application areas of MEGI® ring elements
  • resiliently suspended driver’s seat
  • flexibly mounted truck cabs
  • pipe mounts
  • control cabinets
Application areas of MEGI®-U-V-W shaped parts
  • U shaped parts : reducing shock or isolation vibration in apparatus and equipment
  • V shaped parts : mounting sensitive instruments, meters and indicating devices requiring protection against shock
  • W shaped parts : flexible suspension of light fittings, apparatus and pipe work from ceilings
Application areas of MEGI® rings and bushes

flexible joints in

  • motor vehicles
  • all branches of mechanical engineering