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Development and Optimization – Manufacturers Rely on ContiTech

June 2010It is not just in the product area that manufactures count on the experience, competence and quality of ContiTech Vibration Control. With highly modern processes, ContiTech engineers complement new developments or optimize existing systems. In this way they help improve vibrational performance and extend service life. Whether industrial vehicles or systems like thermal power stations or wind turbines are involved – ContiTech helps out with the following processes:

Calculating service life: To prevent an elastomer component from failing unexpectedly, ContiTech makes use of the latest computer methods for calculating the life cycles of rubber-to-metal products. With the help of the finite element method, load scenarios are simulated on a 3D model. In this way, relief can be calculated on the computer for critical points – i.e. spots subject to excessive stress. The resulting diagram illustrates the time history of highly true-to-life product stressing through to the point of failure. The upshot: Product quality is improved and development accelerated.

Multi-body simulation: Whether a new development or an existing system is at stake, ContiTech calculates the best possible mount and its optimum positioning. On the basis of data for mass, momentum of inertia, mounting points and stiffness, reliable statements can be made on: performance when empty, acceleration at comfort-relevant points, mount positioning, vibration decoupling, maximum bearing load and any hydraulic damping as may be needed. Special software tools tailored to the specific application make all this possible.

Mobile measuring technology: The actual vibration performance of industrial vehicles occasionally differs from what was calculated in the development phase. ContiTech’s mobile measuring service allows manufacturers to check the vibration behavior of their vehicle under real-life conditions – directly on the test course. The results are immediately evaluated by ContiTech engineers and improvement suggestions made.

At, manufacturers, developers and operators of vehicles and systems can obtain more information on the various ContiTech Vibration Control services.

Development and Optimization – Manufacturers Rely on ContiTech