ContiTech MEGI News

New Bell Mount

August 2010 For heavy weights: the new bell mount from ContiTech suspends hanging loads of up to 300 kilos.

With the new MEGI® bell mount for the suspension of hanging objects, ContiTech is expanding its range of rubber-metal products. The new mount carries loads of between 150 and 300 kilos. “For a long time customers have been looking for a component of this size”, says Henning Ziegenmeyer, product engineer at ContiTech Vibration Control. “With this development we have managed to fully satisfy their requirements.”

The application possibilities are varied. The ceiling of a sound studio, for instance, can be suspended with one of the new bell mounts and made perfectly vibration-proof, thus preventing undesired vibrations from negatively affecting recording work. Heavy pipes are still another application area. Suspending these by means of ContiTech bell mounts guarantees a building the requisite protection and largely isolates vibrations.