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Engines of the Future Rest on ContiTech Mounts

August 2010New exhaust emission limits for construction equipment establish new requirements for engines, and for the engine mounts as well.

More stringent exhaust standards will saddle construction machine manufacturers with extra duties as of 2011 when new limits come into force. Stage IIIB of directive 97/68/EC and Tier 4 exhaust gas legislation in the U.S. regulate emission levels for construction vehicles like excavators, wheel loaders and rollers. The laws establish new requirements for engines, and for the engine mounts as well.

Power units are becoming more complex and heavier due to the exhaust gas aftertreatment system. “The combustion process will no longer be as soft as it used to be”, explains Jens Hoffmann, manager of the industrial vehicles unit at ContiTech Vibration Control. The tougher combustion process increases vibrations and makes for more noise. This ups the demand for vibration isolation and noise minimization, and so the bearing and mounting components are forced to satisfy new standards.

ContiTech Vibration Control has the right solutions available. The Hanover-based enterprise supplies latest mounting technology for engines and power units as well as services like engine mount design, redesign of existing components, and new customized developments or measurements of vibrations during vehicle use. From simple rubber-to-metal-bonded mounts and noise decoupling on through to highly sophisticated hydromounts for ultimate comfort demands, ContiTech is truly a one-stop supplier. There is an extensive standard range of products available for this purpose under the MEGI® brand name.