About Us



To help industrial customers get the right momentum, we use the unique properties of a material that has fascinated humans for over 3,000 years: That material is rubber. Nowadays it is to be found in nearly all technical structures and high-tech products. Its ability to create optimal compounds with other materials is what makes rubber so valuable. It can be paired with metals or lightweight plastics to form complex technical systems for universal use.

Our anti-vibration elements made of rubber and metal are known internationally under the brand name MEGI.

  • Damps Stress and Impact Sound
  • Vibration Absorbtion
  • Reduces Acceleration
  • Prevents Noise
  • Ensure a powerful drive
  • Guarantee the functionality and durability of the power units
  • Protect the immediate surroundings from damage
MEGI – Sophisticated Rubber/Metal Composites

For decades now the MEGI product line for rubber-metal-connections has stood for highest quality. It has proven itself many times over and remains unsurpassed by any other system.

Our MEGI product range offers impressive and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of requirements in industrial vehicles and printing machines, in machinery and equipment construction, the rail vehicle industry, and many other sectors.