Product Description

Product Description

Continental has been producing rubber-to-metal bonds for more than sixty years now. They have proven themselves as design components in spring bearings for motors, machines and assemblies, for impact attenuation and in torsionally elastic couplings. They are ideally suited to minimizing annoying, damaging or even dangerous vibrations, percussions or noise.

The trend to ever lighter designs and the requirements for improved working conditions has contributed to the stepped-up and successful use MEGI in many areas of engineering.

Thanks to cross-sections with favorable stress properties and evolved elastomer materials, the components are capable of fulfilling a plethora of application possibilities. Modern processes for vulcanization and elastomer-to-metal bonding guarantee high-quality products in high-volume manufacturing. Select quality assurance systems provide for design components with precisely defined, uniform properties. Not only do the theoretical calculations work out - the resulting products also work when put to use.

MEGI is available in a judiciously matched standard range of products. More than 500 parts can be supplied - with different dimensions, elastomer hardness values and metal part types. The parts are able to offer solutions for difficult vibration and design problems. Special-purpose types are available on demand for very particular cases.

Our expert distribution partners and retailers sell MEGI in your region as well, and can draw upon their many years of experience to advise you in your application engineering needs.

Vibration control products from MEGI

  • A rubber-to-metal bond of proven versatility for spring bearings
  • Dampens iolts and structure-borne noise
  • Isolates machine vibrations
  • Reduces accelerations
  • Provides protection from noise