Discover miscellaneous MEGI products.

MEGI Machine Mounts

Dome mounts and machine mounts solve the problem of height-adjustable, attachment-free suspension of machines and equipment. They are specially constructed for almost identical springiness values in vertical and transverse directions. Thanks to the integrated level control system, these elements can be accurately adjusted to the height of machines and equipment. The underlay mat allows for attachment-free installation without any anchoring at all for low to medium lateral forces.

MEGI Torsion Elements

Torsion elements are used to provide elastic suspension for shafts and rotating components, and they allow axial, radial, torsional and cardanic movements. Torques can be transmitted without jolts. The elasticity of these products allows for compensation of minor misalignments and angle errors at the shaft ends.
The following product groups are available as torsion elements:

  • MEGI Ring Mounts
  • MEGI Torsion Bushes
  • MEGI Torsion Mounts
  • MEGI HL bushes
MEGI Parabola Spring

Buffer mount with gently sloped characteristic curve.
Large deflection and high-end forces for good energy absorption.