Discover MEGI buffer products.

MEGI Buffers

MEGI Buffers are used in conjunction with cushioning supports to limit vibration amplitudes. Special designs are suitable for resilient absorption of moving masses with high kinetic energy.


MEGI compression/shear mounts

MEGI compression/shear mounts are the preferred choice for resilient support of small- to medium-sized units in all areas of machine, equipment and engine construction. Numerous sizes and types with different metal fittings make possible a wide variety of designs and sundry applications.


MEGI Compression/Shear Mounts   from kg... to kg... Natural frequency...
Type A, B, C Standard mounts suitable for normal requirement profiles. Can withstand pressure and shear stressing.
Various metal connections for more design freedom.
5 1700 300
Type AK For large masses with small dimensions. 30 450 300
Type D, S For attachmentfree setup of assemblies with low excitation forces. 90 400 300