Product Description

How it functions

How it functions

Machines generate vibration during operation. This vibration, in turn, gives rise to percussions and noise. If the percussions are strong enough, they can cause damage to buildings and machines or impair the proper functioning of other machines.

In many cases vibration or structure-borne noise is transmitted to adjacent rooms by a building's structural elements - pipelines, for example. If corresponding "sounding boards" are present, (ceilings, walls, radiators), the non-isolated structure-borne noise can become air-borne noise and reach a level that is intolerable for the human ear.

MEGI products minimize the transmission of percussions and structure-borne vibration to the surroundings (active interference suppression) or the effects of vibration from the environment on sensitive apparatus (passive interference suppression). MEGI products have the advantage of cushioning - and thus insulating - as well as damping and is therefore superior to other spring mounts made exclusively of metal materials. In the latter case comparable functional effects are much more difficult to obtain.

To achieve good results with MEGI products, it is necessary to take into account the laws of vibration physics applying for all spring mounts. The following remarks take up the terms and variables required for the purpose of proper understanding and calculation.

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